Rubber Roll

Material: rubber powder, EPDM rubber granules and glue.
Specification: width 1m* length 8m, 10m, 20m or customized length .
Thickness: 3mm-12mm.
Density: 1150kg/m³.
Shore hardness: 70.
Tensile strength: 3210kPa.

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1),  Stable: bear daily high temperature, no flow, no bubbling, no sliding, and under daily low temperature, not easy to crack. Under the long-term action of sunlight, heat and other factors such as chemical erosion medium, its physicochemical properties are stable and the original properties are maintained.

2),  Strength, extension and fracture resistance: it can withstand certain load and stress, and is not easy to break under certain deformation conditions.

3),  Flexible and wear-resistant: high flexibility, strong wear resistance, long service life.

4),  Environment-friendly flame retardant: B2 grade fire retardant performance.


1),  Material: using environment-friendly rubber powder, environment-friendly EPDM rubber granules and environment-friendly glue as raw materials, using steam hot-pressing, circular cutting sheet and other technologies.

2),  Specification: width 1m* length 8m, 10m, 20m or customized length .

3),  Thickness: 3mm-12mm.

4),  Density: 1150kg/m³.

5),  Shore hardness: 70.

6),  Tensile strength: 3210kPa.

7),  Elongation at break: 130%.

8),  Bearing capacity: 500N gravity, 28.9kpa pressure, indentation 10% .

9),  Fire rating: building material combustion performance rating B2 (GB8624-2012).

10),  Chemical test: SGS heavy metal test.


1),  Large public places: airport, subway, library, auditorium, ship, etc..

2),  Sports and entertainment center: gym, leisure center, playground.

3),  Others: restaurants, kindergartens, etc..

Rubber Roll description.jpg

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