Prefabricated Athletic Track

Item: prefabricated sports surface, prefabricated rubber track
Material: natural rubber
Thickness: 13mm (4+9) or customized
Length: 10 – 15 m
Width: 90 - 127 cm
Surface color: red, blue, green, yellow, grey

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1. Double-layer structure of the environment-friendly rubber membrane.

2. Surface layer with a high gel content, high density, high elasticity of the process recipe.

3. The bottom layer is a micropore foamed layer of the honeycomb structure with water droplets at a reasonable inclination angle.

4. Has excellent impact absorption capacity, smooth energy transition and continuous energy feedback.

5. Has excellent tensile strength and elongation at break.

6. Anti-aging, do not change color, anti-sting, wear-resistant, tensile.

7. Normal service life: 15 years.



Any form of track and field sports standards of competition, training venues, including large, primary and secondary school teaching, training, sports venues.



Two types are available: hard or soft, which are suitable for competition type and training type respectively. With the well-designed formulation, the race-track membrane can provide more energy feedback to help the athletes create good results, while the training-track membrane is better able to absorb energy, thus enhancing the protection of athletes, which will help a large amount of exercise a long-time training.

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