Modular Sports Flooring

Type: sports modular flooring tiles, interlocking flooring.
Application: basketball court, tennis court, multi-sports courts.
Size: 300 mm * 300 mm or 250 mm * 250 mm.
Thickness: 12.0 - 17.0 mm.
Weight: 150 g - 350 g
Color: red, green, yellow, blue, wood-like, gray and others.

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Nowadays more than 30 NBA players installed his private basketball training court with modular sports flooring since last decades and now more is installing.

Modular sports flooring originally from USA about 40 years ago, 1970s, and worldwide popular for the past 5 years because of its safe, excellent sports performance, easy installation, player protection and lower cost.

Excellent Sports premium modular sports flooring is flagship product, exclusive formulation produced with raw materials from USA Kratom SEBS, patented super flexible Elastic Cushion Technology (ECT) made with aerial material, providing the best shock absorption, grip, sound reduction and professional sports experience.

Key Details in Design

1), Cross structure in backside is for higher bear load capacity and a better buffering.

2), The best elastic materials known for supper flexible while non-deformation is used innovatively for comfortable sports experience.

3), Safe guard with military material prevents stealing or to be blowing away and safe guard is simple in installation.

4), Special surface treatment greatly improves the slip friction to reduce the risk of fall.

5), Round shape is designed to reduce the risk of injury if players fall.

6), Elastic Cushion Technology (ECT) is inspired from NBA professional flooring and it brings the best grip, shock absorption and denoise performance.

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Advantages Comparing with Traditional Materials

1), Environment-friendly. 100% recyclable polypropylene

2), Healthy and safe. Elastic cushions design provides excellent shock absorption, vertical deformation, abrasion & skid resistance, denoise, best grip.

3), All-weather application. Anti-aging, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, anti-fading & fade resistant, can be widely applied in different climate & environment.

4), Multi applications. Sport courts, backyards, gyms, kindergarten playground, fitness room…

5) Long lasting. Over 8 years lifetime

6), Easy & quick installation. Easy to install and disassembly.

7), Economical: Affordable cost and zero maintenance fee.

Modular Sports Flooring description -1.jpg

Packaging & Shipping

Samples are usually sent by international express, such as DHL FedEx, UPS, and delivery time is about 3 - 4 days after confirmation.

Normal orders are usually shipped by sea, production time is about two weeks after deposit. We don’t produce any stock, it means you only get new products, never get old products.

ApplicationsFutsal,  basketball, running track, tennis, multiple-sports court Etc.
PatternIntersected  figure and others
Raw materialModified PP
StandardDIN18032 / RoHS   / CE / SVHC / VOC / Antimicrobial
PerformanceWaterproof /   Reduce Shock / Anti-Static / Soundproof / Thermal Insulation / Fire Proof
Size303.8 mm *   303.8 mm or 250 mm * 250 mm
Weight175 – 330 (± 5)   g
Elastic cushionsAvailable
Shock absorption57%
Ball rebound97%
Vertical deformation2.4mm
Slip friction0.54
Rolling load2600
ColorOcean blue /   Orange / Konjac gray / Apple green / Purple / Mulberry black / Sky blue /   Cherry red
Working temperature-40 to 70
Packaging100 pcs /   carton, 1,490 /  20ft, 3,478 / 40 hc
Delivery15 days after   deposit
ODM / OEMAvailable
Free sampleAvailable




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